BallastTech-NIVA AS has worked with leading technology players in testing their treatment technology.

12 BWTS sucessfully tested to date according to G8/G9 where all have or are in the process of receiving type approval.

In addition to the below mentioned projects that have been completed all the way through IMO Type Approval, BallastTech-NIVA works on pilot testing and consept developmentĀ  with developers of BWMS . This also includes services related to testing of systems onboard workboats/barges targeting certification (eg. Top Water Flow).


Customer System Origin
OceanSaver Mark II Norway
Knutsen KBAL Norway
Alfa Laval PureBallast 2.0 Sweden
Auramarine CrystalBallast Finland
Qingdao Headway OceanGuard China
JFE Engineering BallastAce Japan
RWO CleanBallast Germany
Optimarin OBS Norway
OceanSaver OceanSaver Norway
Wallenius PureBallast Sweden